carry about(英语四六级高频词汇 Unit16)


英语四六级高频词汇 Unit16

英语四六级高频词汇 Unit16:超纲词组和固定搭配[1]


put into use 使用,应用

be satisfied with 满足

be satisfied of 相信

hardly…when 刚…就…

come to a conclusion 得出结论

avoid doing sth. 避免干某事

decline invitation 辞谢邀请

agree on/upon 取得一致意见

may(might) as well 还是…好

argue about 争论

take(make) a stand for 捍卫

take(make) a stand against 反对

come after 跟随

in support of 支持

lie up 躺着休息

beside the question 离题

refresh one’s memory 使人记起

bring to mind 使人想起

compile dictionary 编字典

present sb.with sth. 送给某人某礼物

indifferent to 不在乎

go on strike 罢工

against one’s will 违心地

in one’s will在… 遗嘱中

of one’s free will 出于自愿

with ease 容易,不费力

prepare for 准备

get to 开始;到达

fall off 下降

fall away 背离

televise live 实况转播

by the moment 到…时

have intention of 有意,打算

no intention of 无意,不打算

have not the least idea of 不知道

have no desire for 对…没有欲望

have desire to do sth. 想做某事

have stock 有现货

be particular about 讲究

the key to …的答案(线索、办法)

carry about 随身携带

pass through 通过,经过

pass for 被认为(当作)

be of little value 没什么价值

cure sb.of 治好某人…

pull back 撤退

pull round 掉头,转向;康复

pull along 沿…拉

die off 死去,凋谢

drop down 落下

do sth.for a living 靠做某事谋生

英语四六级高频词汇 Unit16

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